ACS is a responsible company

As a responsible company, we believe that the design phase of any project is our opportunity to consider the whole life cycle and impact we may have on our planet for future generations.

ACS is committed to providing intelligent solutions through the latest technologies including bespoke software solutions and the use of ‘green’ initiatives throughout our supply chain.

The unique design of our products enables the energy usage for a facility to be significantly reduced by containing the screening machines and controlling temperatures within. Where traditionally, the whole facility needs to be temperature controlled to maintain the optimum environment for the machines, we only heat and cool the space required for the machine to perform. The result is a huge reduction in the specification, cost and environmental impact of the equipment required to keep the machines in their operational envelope.

ACS is committed to sourcing the most sustainable options and conserving energy wherever possible.  Our modular concept means a building or facility can be dismantled and relocated if required.  Our products are designed to accept replacement screening machines and re-used over and over again.