ALISTAIR HERRIOT – Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in Airport infrastructure projects, Alistair recognised that there was a need to develop a smarter solution to the issues facing the Airport.

The introduction of Modular and Off-site build is the key factor to shape the future of cost-effective and efficient Projects.

Once established in this field, Alistair recognised ACS could further support the Industry using the modular concept to provide Modular and Transportable Baggage Screening Products.  This was a game-changer for ACS and the Airports, now the issue of extra capacity requirements, maintenance, or even outage can be averted using his innovative design.

As a keen innovator, Alistair went on to develop the Screening Products further to now include a range of Baggage, Cargo, and Person Screening facilities which now reach beyond the Airport Sector into Event Security, Defence, and Military.