Heathrow Static Security Modules

The Challenge –

To meet stringent CAA licencing standards, Heathrow Airport needed to update their current security arrangements. We were approached to understand whether our modular systems would be capable of operating with the sensitive security equipment that is found at any Airport. Traditional design and build would have been cost prohibitive, so we were issued with the challenge of designing and building a module that could be built and fitted out off-site in our factory and transported with all of the equipment installed.  

The Solution – 

Due to our experience in the design and build of modular solutions as well as integrating complex security equipment within, we were confident of success. Three units were simultaneously designed, manufactured and fitted out with the systems in our Factory in Northampton, where all systems were rigorously tested by the equipment manufacturer to ensure that they functioned correctly within the strict parameters required. The Client visited the Factory to witness the various test scripts to prove functionality, which were successfully passed. Once tested and witnessed, all three units were transported to Heathrow where within a day they were all successfully installed.

The Benefits – 

Heathrow Airport were able to safely pass the baton over to ACS to build and commission these units safe in the knowledge that we would deliver something unique, fit for purpose and cost effective. Ultimately, Heathrow were able to demonstrate compliance with the strict security requirements of the CAA and the Security Operatives now enjoy a comfortable and secure environment from which to undertake their vital work.

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