Heathrow Rapid Goods Screening Facility

The Challenge – 

The challenge was to provide at very short notice, a completed Accommodation facility to house the Staff from the old RGS facility based near Terminal 4. The unit had to be designed, delivered and installed within the existing CLC warehouse, and be occupied within a 5 week timeframe from getting the initial enquiry. 

A large part of the challenge was to be able to positively contribute to a rapidly changing set of deliverables within multi-stakeholder engagement. 

The Solution – 

We were able to mobilise our resources at very short notice, and working with our partners in Germany we manufactured and delivered 24 Modular Units to site within 2 weeks of receiving the initial enquiry. The Modules were installed, complete with internal walling, Kitchen, Offices, Toilets including Disabled and Shower Room. This approach made the delivery on site much quicker and easier with only the external interface connections being required. The Facility was handed over for occupancy, complete and on time 

The Benefits – 

Using the Modular Build approach, we were able to take advantage of short lead times and meet what was a very aggressive timescale without problems. The benefits to the Client were enormous, they were able to focus on continuing their Operation safe in the knowledge that they could make a seamless transition into the new facility. The Cost benefits to this were many, with a huge reduction of manpower being required on site, including associated plant and equipment.

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