Event Security

BoXray was designed, developed, and Patented by ACS to support the new Government Legislation “Protect Duty” by preventing access to a location or facility by unauthorised persons and eliminating the introduction of weapons or other prohibited items to Publicly Accessible Locations.

BoXray is a modular, mobile, and rapidly deployable facility that combines airport-standard security screening equipment and a range of bespoke supporting technologies to provide a unique product.  BoXray is a class-leading security screening and access control module able to be deployed within a building, undercover or outside.

BoXray requires minimal host infrastructure: it can be powered by standard mains electricity or mobile generator; it has adjustable feet to allow it to be deployed on a variety of surfaces and has in-built communications technology.  Each unit is environmentally controlled in order to ensure the comfort of the operators and users and to maintain the precise operating conditions for the equipment.

Each BoXray unit is staffed by trained operators and contains a Walk-Through Metal Detector, a Hand Baggage Screening X-Ray machine, and a suite of supporting technologies designed to address any security threat.

BoXray is available for short/long term hire for events indoor or outdoor, or may be purchased if a long-term solution is required.

Core Capabilities and Characteristics:

BoXray has been designed to deliver core capabilities with a set of key characteristics. It is the combination of these that make BoXray uniquely suitable for providing Aviation standard security in external and remote locations at low cost and with minimal site or venue preparation.


Physical presence


Optional Ballistic protection 
Optional Blast protection 
Cover from view

Security screening

Walk-Through Metal Detector 
Bag screening X-Ray machine 
Physical search and behavioural detection  

Access control

Flow management
Canalisation and direction
Credential checking
Enforcing of banned lists


Modular and scalable
Connected and complimentary
Discreet and individually survivable
Rapidly deployable
Self-contained power and services
Weather proof
Environmentally controlled
Remote, secure data storage

Optional Capabilities

In addition to its core capabilities, BoXray has the ability to provide additional security and access control to integrate into existing security screening, access and policing systems.

1. Access Control Systems

BoXray is able to have access control systems integrated into its capability. This includes most proprietary credential (card or token) and biometric access control as well as the provision of access control systems provided by ourselves as part of the BoXray deployment.

Vehicle access control including barriers can be incorporated into the system design where mixed pedestrian and vehicle access points are required.

2. Enhanced Protection

Enhanced blast and ballistic protection can be provided with the BoXray system or installed post-deployment to provide significantly enhanced protection to the public. 

3. Body Scanners

Full Body Scanners can be utilised should that be a preference.

4. Advertising

BoXray units can be liveried inside and out to meet the requirements of the client. Should it be required, each unit can have a built-in screen that can be used for advertising or to display public information such as event timings, facility locations and search preparation advice to pedestrians.