Cape Verde Domestic Terminal

The Challenge – 

The island of Sao Nicolau is a remote island off the West African coast, which predominantly provides inter-island flights with a flight capacity requirement of up to 750,000 passengers per year. The challenge was to design, manufacture and deliver a Turnkey Solution to the Operator that was cost effective, whilst utilising the latest technology where reliable infrastructure is occasionally a challenge in itself. 

The Solution – 

By exacting design processes and modular manufacturing we achieved our challenge both on time, and within the clients budget. We designed the foundations and engaged a local Contractor to deliver them. With constant and close Project Management, from arrival on site we delivered and handed over a fully operational facility in 6 weeks, despite its difficult and challenging location

The Benefits – 

Where the facility is designed to provide a service to the local indigenous population, cost effectiveness is paramount. We were able to deliver a state of the art facility that will last for over 40 years, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional design and build solution. This ultimately made the difference between being able to provide the facility and being unable to renew the existing, tired Terminal. 

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