baggageBoX is the instant solution to all your Standard 3 compliance worries. It is a completely modularized, self-contained Standard 3 Compliant HBS screening facility. baggageBoX is not only capable of operating as a stand-alone facility, utilising the latest ‘plug and play’ technology, it is also fully versatile and is capable of being integrated as part of a wider Baggage Handling System. 

baggageBoX can be a temporary screening facility whilst you are undergoing HBS replacement works or become a more permanent solution if required.  Should the unthinkable happen and you require additional screening capacity, baggageBoX is the perfect instant solution to your operational headaches.

baggageBoX at a glance:

Modular Standard 3 Hold Baggage Screening Facility

Can be used as a ‘stand alone’ facility or Integrated into Full Baggage Handling System

Suitable for Airport resilience and contingency

Manufactured, tested and commissioned in ACS Northampton workshop

Developed by ACS in 2015

ACS granted Patent in 2018

Successfully deployed at London Heathrow both as
stand-alone and integrated systems

Successfully deployed at London City Airport as integrated system

Fully re-deployable

Tried, tested and proven in the field

There has been an exponential rise in e-commerce with no signs of a decline.  The downturn in passenger aircraft movements and an upturn in Cargo demand following the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the focus on Cargo based facilities.  To support this demand ACS has developed cargoBoX.  Sitting at the heart of our Modular Turnkey solutions, cargoBoX provides a rapid delivery, cost effective Cargo Handling facility. When combined with our bespoke software and conveying systems cargoBoX delivers a solution that can be housed in either an existing building such as a Hangar or in one of our Modular Buildings offering you the most flexible and cost-effective solution available today.

cargoBoX at a glance:

Rapidly deployable, modular pop-up cargo facility

IATA & CAA compliant

Significantly improves an Airports’ commercial resilience

Optional modules Including X-Ray, X-Ray Customs, Weigh-scale, Refrigeration, Cargo IT, Storage/UVC Sterilisation

Successfully deployed, tried, and tested in the field

With the rise of complex systems and the need to constantly be ahead of the technological challenges presented in upgrading critical systems in a live environment, ACS has developed dataBoX.

A modular and scalable Data Centre dataBoX is built and tested entirely off-site in our Factory in Northampton. They are designed to be plug and play and demountable for road transport enabling easy, rapid on-site assembly. This is followed by a very short recommissioning period on-site and the facility is ready to use.

dataBoX at a glance:

Designed to meet the challenges of a live operation



Fully functioning

Road Transportable

Factory Build Quality

Fully tested off-site

Rapid Deployment

Extremely cost-effective.

When a more permanent solution is required, our Static Security Modules (SSM) provide all the benefits of our off-site build philosophy and quality, with a bespoke rapidly deployable plug and play facility. The SSM can be incorporated with all the very latest Screening Solutions, which include the following technologies:

SSM at a glance:

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Full Body Scanner

Baggage X-Ray Machine

Trace Detection


Full Airside Complaint Access Control

Full connectivity to central network