About Us

About Us

ACS is a unique provider of Turnkey Airport and Capacity Planning and has recognised through many years of experience within complex and costly Airport Projects that a fresh approach is required.

ACS understands that the challenges facing the Airport Operator can potentially seem difficult and in some instances present virtually insurmountable obstacles when utilising ‘traditional’ solutions. However, we believe that there are viable and effective alternatives to both the challenges around responsible Airport expansion and realistic contingency planning that may require only modest capital outlay.

We provide a full and extensive turnkey service from concept design, through project management to delivery of any space requirement within a ‘live’ working environment using our innovative approach.We believe that working closely with the Client to define the requirements ensures the most effective Turnkey solution.

Through excellent collaboration with carefully selected globally recognised Partners we are proud to be part of the new ‘movement’ towards swift, eco-friendly and cost effective solutions using Modular Systems. These Solutions are completely flexible and can be designed to suit your individual requirements – at a fraction of the cost of traditional design and build and in a fraction of the time.

Our experience is extensive – and is by no means limited to the Airport environment. Our Solutions cross all Industries – from Logistics and Warehousing, Rail and Ports to Retail and Health. The complexity of the environment is never an issue, we have worked in challenging areas which recently included a completely new Airport Terminal in Africa and an innovative Baggage Handling Facility at Heathrow Airport.

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