Real World Infrastructure
at Real World Prices
delivered in Real Time

ACS is a unique provider of Turnkey Airport and Capacity Planning and has recognised through many years of experience within complex and costly Airport Projects that a fresh approach is required.

We provide a full and extensive turnkey service from concept design, through project management to delivery of any space requirement within a ‘live’ working environment using our innovative approach. We believe that working closely with the Client to define the requirements ensures the most effective Turnkey solution.

Modular Turnkey Solutions

We have utilised our extensive experience in this field to develop intelligent modular solutions that can be adapted to suit your specific needs. These operational templates are designed to provide you with the basis for designing your own bespoke intelligent modular solutions.

Baggage in a Box:
A Self-contained Modular
Standard 3 Compliant HBS

Airport Capacity Solutions have extensive knowledge and experience in the design, development and implementation of HBS solutions, and it is the natural progression of this experience that has allowed us to develop and deliver the brand new and unique “Baggage in a Box” solution.

Capacity Planning

In the event of catastrophic damage or even total loss of a Terminal Facility for whatever reason, we believe that the provision of our turnkey rapid deployment modular temporary solutions will provide the Business with the level of business continuity that would otherwise not be available. It is fundamental in the mitigation of business risk to identify and control all escalating and potentially unrecoverable costs.

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